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MSci Physics Degree Courses

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Functions Atomic Physics Light and Matter General Relativity *
Complex Analysis Electromagnetism Computational Physics * Information Theory *
Linear Algebra Mathematical Methods * Astrophysics * Cosmology *
Vector Calculus Differential Equations Advanced Classical Physics * Space Physics *
Mechanics Fourier Physics of the Universe Atmospheric Physics *
Vibrations and Waves Nuclear and Particle Physics Fluid Dynamics Advanced Hydrodynamics *
(Special) Relativity Optics Plasma Physics * Research Interfaces
Quantum Physics Qauntum Mechanics Laboratory III * Master's Research Project
Structure of Matter Solid State Physics Comprehensive I (see below) German Level 3 Horizons **
Electricity and Magnetism Statistical Physics Comprehensive II (see below) -
Laboratory and Computing I Statistics of Measurement Professional Skills III -
Basic Electronics Thermodynamics German Level 2 Horizons ** -
Advanced Electronics * Laboratory and Computing II - -
(Summer) Project I Professional Skills II - -
Professional Skills I German Level 1 Horizons ** - -

Comprehensive Exams: "[They are] taken in Year 3, [and] present problems which test knowledge gained across all the core (compulsory) courses over the first two years."

The two comprehensive exams together account for 26.7% of the third year

* These were elective courses

** Courses taken for extra credit